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 The arena mode is here!
The game has now a new mode: the arena mode. It's now possible to launch a game and group with other players automatically. Although a random hand contributes to the formation of team, the matchmaking assures the balance.

The mod already counts 3 :
In these small arenas, the goal remains the same as in Team mode : protect your lord and eliminate the enemy lord.

Naturelly, an additionnal loby was added for the mode. In addition, you can now travel from one to another loby thanks to the world map.

 Ranks has appeared.
Now, your victories give you points that will unlock your ranks. The ranks appear below your character and prove your value to other players.

 New functionality: the saving of builds.
A new window allows the saving of build has just been added. Now, you can save/load a full build (skill,equipement,point of caracteristic,...) with a click.